results from last beach test

August 22, 2009 - 5:33 pm Comments Off

We had another successful testing day yesterday (8/21/2009). There were much less people observing us, so we were able to take it easy. However, we did manage to do some fancy tests. Denny and Aaron did the first couple of runs using WANEM and avoiding obstacles. Rob and Ken also did some runs with the WANEM. All the packet loss problems associated with previous runs with WANEM have been solved.

We added a new capability that made a huge impact to our performance. One thing we have struggled with as a team is how much information and technology to share with the competitors. We like to report our progress and challenges, but not in extreme detail. In this case, the change was simple technologically, but implementing it correctly was the result of extensive vehicle testing. If we were to share it, we would be giving away the fruits of an enormous amount of work.

The auto-cut algorithm was tested and still needs to be tuned. It is difficult to tune this algorithm for both sand and regolith. Our approach needs to be able to adapt on the fly.

The logging of telemetry/video worked very well. Aaron’s new recording program works like a charm and will be used to save data from the perspective of the vehicle for all future tests. You will notice the triplet videos with the 3 cameras in a single frame. Expect more of those. As I am writing this post, Rob is busy crunching numbers from the box sensors to improve the determination of the amount of collected regolith. Hopefully our next run will include his new filter(s). I will try to post some graphs showing vehicle performance metrics in the near future.

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