another beach day

August 31, 2009 - 11:48 am 1 Comment

It seems like all we do is post about beach testing and beach testing results. Well, I guess that is better than last year when we didn’t have anytime to make posts! Anyways, we are headed back to the beach for another fun-filled day of BFD testing this friday (9/4/2009). We will be meeting up at the shop around 10am, and plan to be at the Dockweiler State Beach around 11am. See a previous post for directions.

On the agenda for this friday this:

  • Save the complete video/sensor data from every run using Aaron’s new tool.
  • Continue to train backup drivers (They almost have a handle on it).
  • Testing with WANEM in a virtual machine as described by the Competition FAQ.
  • Testing with Rob’s filter of the IR sensors (and subsequent GUI updates).
  • Testing with more realistic obstacles.
  • At least one 30minute competition dry-run.

One Response to “another beach day”

  1. Paul Ventimiglia Says:

    What are you guys working on in your shop right now? It is still so rare to actually see you in view for more than a few minutes at a time. Denny isn’t in our chatroom to update us…