t minus 2 weeks

October 2, 2009 - 3:50 pm 2 Comments

Well, we have about 2 weeks until the competition, and things are definitely heating up.

We continue to do 30 minute test runs with a configuration as close as possible to the competition. We continue to get excellent performance, and we are very confident going into the competition. The team has really come together in putting things into the final configuration. It’s not easy to work a fulltime job and compete in this competition. Everyday from now till the competition has been planned out. The schedule is very reasonable and we have some built in margin for any surprises.

The vehicle is mostly the same, with the exception of new steering motors. We had noticed that the current draw on the motors (especially the rear ones when fully loaded) was exceededing 5amps. For various reasons, this is a problem. Todd machined adapters and we will do formal testing with the new motors this weekend. Also, one of theĀ  gear boxes was disassembled and we noticed a decent amount of sand had sneaked inside. All of the gear boxes have since been opened, cleaned, and sealed.

On another note, we are very excited about other teams posting videos and pictures of their vehicles. Teams like The Invading Huns, Pauls Robotics, Team Waldbaum, GreenCheese, and CMU. We particularly like GreenCheese’s solution as it has so many mechanisms, and engineers love mechanisms. Our only wish is that more teams would post more videos and pictures. We know you check out our site, how about sharing some of your cool work? Of particular note is CMU, they visit our website almost daily, but haven’t posted a new video in a month and a half.

2 Responses to “t minus 2 weeks”

  1. Paul Ventimiglia Says:

    Glad to hear things are going well! I knew you could put different motors in for the steering, go Todd. Less PWM is never the answer for that stuff.

    We are still way behind you guys, but some of us don’t have what you would consider “real full time jobs.” (must be difficult to be in the real world!)

    Now we are actually making test runs and filming them, we will Tweet when new things are up as usual. New pictures every few days.

    Best of luck in the last 2 weeks!

  2. doug leppard Says:

    We have no video because until friday we had nothing to show. We are so far behind you guys. Even the friday video was not on competition wheels.

    We were wondering at one point if we would make it, I think we will.

    So it is not being secret it is more having something to show.