more challenges.. more money..

July 16, 2010 - 2:39 pm 1 Comment

NASA announced 3 new Centennial Challenges…

The Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge is to place a small satellite into Earth orbit, twice in one week, with a prize of $2 million. The goals of this challenge are to stimulate innovations in low-cost launch technology and encourage creation of commercial nano-satellite delivery services.

The Night Rover Challenge is to demonstrate a solar-powered exploration vehicle that can operate in darkness using its own stored energy. The prize purse is $1.5 million. The objective is to stimulate innovations in energy storage technologies of value in extreme space environments, such as the surface of the moon, or for electric vehicles and renewable energy systems on Earth.

The Sample Return Robot Challenge is to demonstrate a robot that can locate and retrieve geologic samples from wide and varied terrain without human control. This challenge has a prize purse of $1.5 million. The objectives are to encourage innovations in automatic navigation and robotic manipulator technologies.

More information can be found here. There is a very large possibility that we will compete in both the Night Rover and Sample Return challenges. First dibs on calling our robot “Lady of the Night”.

One Response to “more challenges.. more money..”

  1. Paul Ventimiglia Says:

    Very exciting! I call dibs on “Night Rider” and sequencing red LEDs…